Isnt it possible to be born with issues? Before I got Ruckus (sheltie) the breeder did tell me that he wasnt one for snuggling, and he was a shy puppy. I got Ruckus at 4 months old. He wouldnt move for the first two days I got him. wouldnt play, eat, or even walk around. he just laid in the corner. I pretty well left him alone to give him time to adjust. I socialized the snot out of this puppy to try to get him out of his shell. And you couldnt tell he had been socialized! Fast forward two years. Ruckus had aggression issues, NEVER once wagged his tail, and was scared of many many things. After a few vet visits we put him on Amitriptyline, and he is now a different dog. He plays, comes up to strangers in the dog park for attention, wags his tail, etc. Has anyone else ever heard of a similar case? I am wondering that something didnt happen when he was a puppy! Or if its possible to just be born like that? How common is it for a puppy to be born with a chemical imbalance or the like?

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