I am looking at traveling back to Adra on the ferry, as I am taking my 2 parrots and my tiny yorkie with me I can not use a pet friendly cabin for the 3 of them,but Brittany ferries have said I can take the 2 parrots in the cabin (cap fin) and put the yorkie in a kennel, as she is only a kilo and a half and a bit timid I am a little concerned, my question is, I thought the kennels had runs, but it appears they are just a crate ( better for my little mutt ) and you can visit as much as you like to feed/toilet them, so can anyone tell me if its like a mad house with dogs constantly barking and folk coming and going ? or is it reasonable quite, since we lost our last dog we have been traveling on the Pont avon with the parrots left in the veichle in the hold, but we can't do that on the cap fin as the parrots are not allowed , due to there being no ventilation in the hold on that ferry, so do I drive through France, so as I am not worrying about my dog, or do you people who have used the kennels think she would be ok in a kennel, there being a lot less on the cap fin.

Any help will be apprecited.

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